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Basically Desi Plus sizes

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Crop Top Blouse Colour

Red, Maroon, Navy Blue, Black, White

Crop Top Blouse Size



3 Lotus, 3 Pots, 3 Women, A, Aires, Aquarius, Audrey, B, Bengal Girl, Birds, Blue Bouquet, C, Cancer, Capricorn, D, Dancing Girl, Durgadevi, Durgadevi and Lion, Durgadevi kalamkari, E, Evil Eye, F, Feathers, Flowers, Flowers 2, Frida, Frida and Parrot, G, Gemini, H, Hibiscus, I, Indic Florals 1, Indic Florals 2, Indic Florals 3, Indic Florals 4, Indic Florals 5, Indic Florals 6, Indic Florals 7, Iris Van Gogh, J, Jamini Roy 1, Jamini Roy 2, K, Kalamkari Tree, Kathakali, L, Leo, Libra, Lotus, M, Madhibani Elephant, Marigold, Marilyn Monroe, Matisse Cutout, Matisse Dance, N, O, Owl, P, Paisley, Pattachitra Lady, Pattachitra Lady 2, Pattachitra Lady 3, payal, Peacock, Picasso Chair, Pices, Pichwai, placeholder12, placeholder13, placeholder14, placeholder15, placeholder16, placeholder17, placeholder18, placeholder19, placeholder2, placeholder20, placeholder21, placeholder22, placeholder23, placeholder24, placeholder25, placeholder26, placeholder27, placeholder28, placeholder29, placeholder3, placeholder30, placeholder31, placeholder32, placeholder33, placeholder34, placeholder35, placeholder36, placeholder37, placeholder38, placeholder39, placeholder4, placeholder40, placeholder41, placeholder42, placeholder43, placeholder44, placeholder45, placeholder46, placeholder47, placeholder48, placeholder49, placeholder5, placeholder50, placeholder51, placeholder52, placeholder53, placeholder54, placeholder55, placeholder56, placeholder57, placeholder58, placeholder59, placeholder6, placeholder60, placeholder7, placeholder8, placeholder9, Plain, Plants, Q, R, Rangoli 1, Rangoli 2, Rangoli 3, S, Saggitarius, Scorpio, Sun, Sunflowers van gogh, T, Taurus, Terracotta Horse, Tiger, Tiger Floral, U, V, Virgo, W, White Florals, X, Y, Z


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